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Local Plan: Part 2

The draft Local Plan Part 2 comprises Development Management Policies, Site Allocations and Designations and Polices Map. Once adopted it will deliver the detail of the strategic policies set out in the Local Plan Part 1: Strategic Polices (2012). Together they will form a comprehensive development strategy for the borough. The Local Plan covers the period 2011 - 2026.

On 24 September 2015, Cabinet gave approval to undertake further consultation on proposed changes to the proposed submission version of the Local Plan Part 2. Following the consultation, the Local Plan Part 2 documents and comments received will be submitted to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government for public examination.  

The consultation will commence on 26 October and end on 8 December 2015 at 5pm.  The consultation documents and details of how to submit your comments will be made available here on 26 October.

Previous consultation

The draft Local Plan Part 2 was published for public comment between 22 September and 4 November 2014.  

On 19 March 2015, Cabinet approval was given to undertake further consultation on proposed changes to the Local Plan Part 2 documents that have resulted from the publication process. The proposed changes will be issued for a 6 week period of consultation later this year.

The draft Local Plan Part 2 comprises the following three documents:

  • Development Management Policies: [10Mb] - a document that sets out policies that will be used to determine planning applications                                                        
  • Site Allocations and Designations: [22Mb] - a document which identifies sites for new housing, public transport interchanges, schools, minerals safeguarding and other uses   
  • Policies Map - presented as a booklet called "Atlas of Changes" showing proposed changes to the existing policies map (previously called the UDP Proposals Map ). 

    Due to document size this is available in chapters:
  • Atlas of Changes Part 1 [21Mb] Background and Proposed Strategic Industrial Locations (Pages 1 - 20)
  • Atlas of Changes Part 2 [22Mb] Proposed Locally Significant Employment and Industrial Sites, Green Belt (Pages 21 - 40)
  • Atlas of Changes Part 3 [26Mb] Metropolitan Open Space, Green Links and Nature Conservation Sites (Pages 41 - 70)
  • Atlas of Changes Part 4 [25Mb] Nature Conservation Sites, Heathrow Airport Boundary, Archaeological Priority Areas, Town Centres and New Homes (Pages 71 - 148)
  • Atlas of Changes Part 5 [22Mb] Transport Interchanges, Schools, Minerals, Conservation & Local Character Areas, Sites of Specific Scientific Interest, Public Safety Zones, Parks & Gardens and Air Quality Management Area (Pages 149 - 220)

In addition the Council has produced a composite Policies Map: 

Cowley [1Mb]
Eastcote East [1Mb]
Eastcote West [1Mb]
Harefield North [1Mb]
Harefield South [1Mb]
Harefield [1Mb]
Harlington [1Mb]
Hayes East [1Mb]
Hayes West [1Mb]
Heathrow East [1Mb]
Heathrow West [1Mb]
Hillingdon [1Mb]
Ickenham [1Mb]
Northolt [1Mb]
Northwood East [1Mb]
Northwood West [1Mb]
Ruislip [2Mb]
Sipson [1Mb]
Uxbridge Town Centre [1Mb]
Uxbridge [2Mb]
West Drayton [1Mb]
Yeading [1Mb]
Yiewsley [1Mb]

Overview Key [415kb]
Overview Map [444kb]

The Local Plan Part 2 is also accompanied by the following technical studies:

To view the evidence base

How to make a comment 

Submission for comments now closed. 

For further information, please email or contact the Planning Policy Team on: 01895 250 230.

Evidence Base Studies to support the preparation of Part 2

Local Plan Part 1 Evidence Base Studies

The Local Plan Part 1 evidence base has been used to inform the development of Local Plan Part 2.

Regulation 18 - response to consultation

The response to the consultation was reported to the council's Cabinet on 24 October 2013.  In addition, Cabinet agreed that a set of draft proposed site allocations and site designations should be published for consultation. The cabinet report and associated documents can be viewed below:

On 13 February 2014, the council's Cabinet agreed that a set of draft proposed development management policies and revised policies map should be published for consultation. The cabinet report and associated documents can be viewed below:

Regulation 18 Consultation

During April and May 2013, the council formally consulted on the preparation of Part 2 of the Hillingdon Local Plan under Regulation 18 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012. Specific and general consultation bodies including members of the public were invited to make suggestions as to what the document should contain. A consultation paper was made available which summarised the proposed scope of the Council's content for Part 2 of the Local Plan. In addition, there was a 'Call for Sites' where landowners, developers and other interested parties could suggest specific sites for future development to help inform the preparation of Part 2 of the Local Plan. 

Regulation 18 consultation paper:

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