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Buildings insurance

Under the terms of your lease, we have to arrange cover for buildings insurance.

Building insurance

Through your service charges, we provide buildings insurance cover through Ocaso. It insures the building you live in, up to the full cost of reconstruction. It also covers damage to the structure of the building caused by fire or flood, as well as the internal structure of your flat and the fixtures and fittings. The insurers have supplied some  frequently asked questions and answers [26kb]

Insurance policy

The full terms and conditions may be found in the policy document:​

How is the insurance premium worked out?

The buildings insurance cover is worked out by assessing the total rebuilding cost of your block. This figure was reassessed during 1997/1998 and affects the insurance service charge payable from 1998. The value then changes in line with the house and flats rebuilding cost index, which is worked out by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

The actual amount you pay is based on the rate set by the insurers

Value of my insurance cover

The amount of your insurance cover is shown on the annual service charge invoice dated 30 June.

Changing the value of my insurance cover

You should not have to do this. The method of working out the correct level of cover has been agreed with Ocaso. This includes yearly revisions as a result of any increase in building costs.

Paying for the insurance cover

The insurance premium is included in the annual service charge. Under the conditions of your lease, you should pay the amount shown on the service charge invoice in full on 30 June and 31 December each year. We allow you to pay the full year's premium by instalments.

What if I do not pay the insurance premium?

If you have not paid the amount shown on your service charge invoice, or we have not received your first instalment within four weeks of the invoice date, you will be breaking the terms of your lease. You will place your insurance cover at risk and may not be entitled to make any claim.

If, for example, the block is affected by fire, subsidence (the ground moving underneath the building) or storm damage, you will personally have to meet your share of the cost if the insurance company refuses to meet your claim because you have not paid your premium.

Making a claim

If, after checking the summary of cover, you believe you can claim under the policy, you should contact Davies Managed Systems, who are the claims handlers for Ocaso. Their phone number is 0344 856 2032.

You will need to give the policy number - 296698 - and your name and address.

What does the insurance not cover?

The insurance does not cover the contents of your home ie your personal belongings, furniture, and so on, or damage due to "wear and tear".

Policy excess (the first amount of any claim you will have to pay)

If the claim is successful, you will need to pay the appropriate excess shown below:

  • Water damage (for example, from burst pipes or a bath overflowing) - the first £100 for each claim
  • Subsidence - the first £1000 for each leaseholder
  • Any other losses - the first £100 for each claim

Extra insurance

You might want to arrange additional insurance such as contents cover or separate breakdown cover for your boiler and central heating system.



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