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Planning enforcement

Guide to planning enforcement, make an online complaint about building work, view the progress of the complaint and view any enforcement notice served.

What is planning enforcement?

Explains what the enforcement service does, sets out service standards and targets, and provides contact details.

How to make a planning enforcement complaint

If you would like us to investigate a possible breach of the planning rules, make a complaint by contacting our call centre on 01895 250230. 

All personal details are confidential and will not be used either on the web or made public while dealing with the complaint.

Please note: Unless the complainant has a special reason for not giving their details and this is explained to the enforcement officer, anonymous complaints will not be investigated.

Track the progress of a complaint

Search on any one of the criteria boxes to get your results. You are able to track the complaint until 3 months after compliance.

If the council has served an Enforcement Notice against the land/property since September 2006 then the Notice and progress is publicly accessible through the above link.

Before September 2006?
If the enforcement notice was served before September 2006 Enforcement notices served before 2006