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Submitting fees and application forms

Find out your planning fees, how to pay them and how to submit your planning application.

Pre-Application advice for planning

We can help with all development proposals within the borough ranging from small scale householder extensions to major residential (10 units or more), retail, commercial and industrial developments. Find out more


Note: Fees changed on 1 October 2013

Work out the correct fee

With the Planning Portal Calculator or Fees for planning applications [217kb]

Note: Where the 1APP form requests Floorspace figures, please give the External Floorspace figure in addition to the Internal Floorspace. All planning fee calculations are based on the External Floorspace proposed. This will avoid any delay in validating your application.

Submission of the Planning Fee

  • Knowing your planning fee and planning reference, pay online 

If you don't have a Planning Reference, you can submit the planning fee by choosing one of the options below:

  • Sending a cheque for the full amount quoting the application address
  • Log a 24 hour call back request to pay by Credit or Debit Card by telephone on 01895 250230.

Planning application forms

Submit your planning application on-line by using the Planning Portal website.  

The benefits of submitting your planning from online: 

  • No printing or postage costs
  • 24 hours a day service
  • Ability to create an electronic location plan
  • Add any attachments to your submission
  • Calculate the fee online
  • Pay for your application online

Submit your planning application

Alternatively print out your application form at E-cabinet for all forms

Help with submitting your application 

Help in submitting an on-line application together with video tutorials can be found on the Planning Portal's how to apply online. Planning Portal has there own Technical support to help if you are having trouble with your application. 

Submitting supporting information and fees

Regardless of how you submit your application it cannot be progressed until all the necessary supporting information and the appropriate fee is received. This is known as National and Local Validation Criteria. Our  checklist will help you identify these criteria detailing what you need to include in your application. 

Application forms not on the Planning Portal 

The following application forms are currently not available on the Planning Portal

Application for a new planning permission to replace an extant planning permission in order to extend the time limit for implementation together with Notes and Guidance

Application for a non-material amendment following a grant of planning permission together with Notes and Guidance.

Other useful information 

Planning Inspectorate: You can obtain these forms from the Planning inspectorate website.

Interactive house: Explore the Planning Portal's Interactive House Guidance on semi-detached house for guidance on many common householder projects, including home micro-generation, in England.

Interactive terrace: Explore the Planning Portal's Interactive Terrace Guidance relating to flats, shops and basements as well as many common householder projects, in England.