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Rubbish accumulation

Find out how to deal with rubbish which has been allowed to build up and become a nuisance.

Commercial waste 5

We will investigate complaints of rubbish that has been allowed to accumulate; however, action is only usually possible when rubbish is clearly:

  • harbouring rodent infestations
  • causing a "statutory nuisance" to local residents.
  • decaying causing smell, flies etc
  • a possible health risk.

In locations such as: 

  • alleys
  • non-residential land
  • access roads
  • communal areas outside the boundary of housing

Report it

If the gathered rubbish is something we can take action about we will usually serve a statutory notice requiring the owner or occupier to remove and properly dispose of the rubbish within a specified time period which cannot usually be less than 21 days.

Failure to comply with the notice will result in either prosecution or the council doing the work in default of the person responsible and recharging the costs, including the cost of its officers in doing so.


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