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Temporary accommodation

The Homeless Prevention Team provide temporary accommodation for certain people who are homeless or about to become homeless through no fault of their own.

They provide accommodation using different types of properties, where we have a legal duty to house, including bed and breakfast, hostels and properties in the private sector. 


Emergency accommodation is only intended to be short term.

We will make sure the accommodation meets the following standards:

  • is clean and safe
  • we will visit the property to make sure they meet current health and safety standards
  • adequate cooking facilities are provided in some
  • landlords of bed and breakfast accommodation will deal with repairs
  • we will visit you as soon as possible after being placed in emergency accommodation and several times after that

Private-sector leased properties

The homeless prevention team uses leased properties from other agencies, such as housing associations and estate agents. The properties are usually let without furniture but they will have a fridge and cooker.

Our managing agents will make sure that the properties meet the following standards:

  • is clean and safe
  • the agents will check the property and will carry out full gas and electrical checks before the property is let
  • advice and support is available
  • an officer from the managing agent will visit you every six months
  • we will make sure:
    • they deal with heating repairs in 24 hours - if they cannot carry out the repair immediately, they will provide alternative heating
    • they will carry out urgent repairs (such as blocked drains, blocked toilets or repairs where there is a risk to health and safety) within three days
    • the landlord or the managing agents will carry out all the repairs within a reasonable time

Further information

What if the accommodation is far away from my childs school?

If your child is already attending school in Hillingdon and the temporary accommodation the council has provided is not in the local area you may have to change your child's school.

If you decide to change schools, it will not affect your right to be rehoused in Hillingdon. Ask the education department about details and availability of schools in the areas where you are staying.

Where can I put my furniture?

If you have furniture and are unable to arrange for storage, the council may make arrangements on your behalf. You will have to pay the storage charges.

Can I get help with housing costs?

When you are placed in emergency accommodation you are responsible for paying a charge.

You can pay your charges in the following ways:

  • at any Post Office
  • using the online bill pay service at www.allpayments.net
  • by cheque (payable to your housing provider)

You may be entitled to some assistance with these costs under the Housing Benefit Scheme and will be asked to fill in a housing benefit form on the same day you are offered accommodation.

The lettings team and the housing benefit office are separate departments. It is your responsibility to provide the information that the housing benefit office request and to make sure that your benefit claim has been processed.

  • It is important to get a receipt from the Housing Benefit Office when you provide documents directly to them.  
  • Keep a copy of any documents you hand in, they may be needed if you have queries regarding payments.

The Housing Benefit Office will write within two weeks with a decision on your claim.

If you have a low income and have applied for housing benefit, you should not wait for the result of the claim before making payments for your accommodation. You should request an estimate from Housing Benefit Office to clarify how much you need to pay.

What if I get in arrears with my payments?

If you are having difficulty you should contact your housing advisor straight away to discuss any particular problems and how to pay the arrears. If you do not pay your arrears the housing provider will consider taking court action to get back the money you owe.

If you leave accommodation owing money your housing provider will always try to trace you to recover any outstanding money.

More information

Floating support services - Help and support for homeless people in temporary accommodation.

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