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Discretionary housing payment

Information about discretionary housing payments (DHP) administered by Hillingdon Council.

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Hillingdon Council is allowed to make DHP. These are not classed as payments of Housing Benefit. However, the Housing Benefit Team will administer the scheme.

Hillingdon Council is limited by the government in the total amount that it can pay in DHP in any financial year. Therefore, unless you can show an above average need for further financial help with your housing costs you are unlikely to receive this extra payment.

Ongoing payments

DHP can only be paid in respect of your rent if you receive Housing Benefit. In order to apply for a DHP you must  complete the online form  or download, complete a paper version of this form [206kb].

It is important to note that DHP will not be available to help with any shortfall in the new local Council Tax Reduction scheme.

One off payments

DHP can be paid for rent deposits and moving costs.  However, moving costs can only be considered in exceptional circumstances. You need to be entitled to Housing Benefit at the time you apply. The rent for the new accommodation should be affordable (in line with Local Housing Allowance rates) and the number of bedrooms should not exceed the size criteria . Complete the online form for rent deposit  or  download, complete and return the paper version [209kb].

Local housing allowance rates 

Benefit cap

DHP can also be paid in some cases if you have had your Housing Benefit reduced because of the Benefit Cap. Please complete and the online form  or  download, complete and return the paper version [206kb].

Under-occupying your home where you rent in the social rented sector

DHP can also be paid in some cases if you have had your Housing Benefit reduced because you are deemed to be under-occupying your home, and you rent your home from the council or a housing association. Please complete the online form  or  download, complete and return the paper version [201kb].

Support documentation

In support of your application for a DHP you need to provide the documentation listed below. Only original documentation will be accepted. If you bring your documents into our reception, we will give you a receipt and photocopy them for you.

If you receive Housing Benefit please provide the following:

  • Proof of rent arrears or council tax arrears
  • You need to provide proof of all money you and your partner have. (Your last three months bank, building society and Post Office statements).
  • Original proof of all Premium Bonds, National Savings Income Bonds Stocks and Shares, Unit trusts, PEP's, ISA's, TESSA's.
  • Details of any property you own.
  • Details of any money you are owed.
  • Original proof of any savings held by someone else on your behalf.
  • Proof of outstanding debts or bills
  • Any other income or savings that has not been accounted for in the list above.
  • Letter from doctor, hospital, social/welfare agency
  • Proof of any rent deposit you need to pay to move

Decisions and payments

Once a decision is made you will be notified in writing of the outcome. If successful you will also be told the amount and the period of payment.

You must notify the Housing Benefit section of any change in circumstances which may affect the level or amount of DHP, including changes in circumstances which occur between completing this form and the decision being made, and after a decision to award, DHP is made.

Payment will be with you:

  • Housing Benefit payment for private and Housing Association tenants
  • Direct onto your rent account for council tenants

Payments for rent deposit can be paid directly to the relevant landlord.

In most cases if you are overpaid DHP then you must repay it.

Further information

For further information please contact the  Housing Benefit section .

Help in completing either form can be sought from Hillingdon Citizens Advice Bureau Service on 0870 1264021.

Note: a DHP cannot be paid in the following situations:

  1. If you are not entitled to Housing Benefit you cannot get a DHP to help with your rent.
  2. We cannot give a DHP for things included in your rent that Housing Benefit could not pay for such as heating and hot water charges.
  3. We cannot consider your request until your Housing Benefit claim has been fully assessed. This includes where your Housing Benefit claim has only been partially assessed because the benefit office is waiting for a rent assessment from the Rent Service.
  4. DHP's for on-going rent are paid for a specific period only. Once the period has ended we will review your situation. We cannot guarantee that you will continue to receive a DHP.

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