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Environment issues

Advice on environmental health, pest control, pollution and animal welfare.

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Information on how to deal with different types of pests and what treatments are available.
Food safety
Protecting public health.
How we deal with noisy neighbours, noise from commercial premises and transportation noise.
chimneys and pollution
Building site and domestic bonfires, emissions of dark smoke and emissions from industrial chimneys. You can report smoke pollution based on the type of smoke being emitted.
courtesy of fotokostic - 123RF Stock Photo
The light can be very bright and can become a nuisance, preventing you from sleeping. Find out how to deal with your neighbours or to report it.
Find out our maintenance programme for trees, shrubs, grass and parks. Also how to report issues or look for a protected tree.
dumped rubbish
Find out how to deal with rubbish which has been allowed to build up and become a nuisance.
Blocked drain or sewer? What are you responsible for on your property?