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How to apply for housing

Advice and information on applying for housing.

Hillingdon Council receives many enquiries from people looking to rent a home in the borough. Hillingdon, like many London boroughs, has a shortage of homes compared with the number of people who need them. Therefore, people are encouraged to explore alternative housing options in order to obtain suitable housing.


If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness contact the Homeless Prevention Team on 01895 556666

Changes to the allocations policy

The following are changes to the way social housing is allocated:

1. Households will not be able to register for housing in future unless:

  • they can demonstrate 10 year residency with Hillingdon up to and including the date of application *exemptions apply.
  • they do not own or have an interest in a property
  • the gross household income is less than £64k for a 1 and 2 bed or £77k for 3+ bedroom property
  • they have savings of less than £30k

2. The council has adopted the national bedroom standard to work out how many bedrooms you need when applying for rented social housing. This is considered an appropriate way of measuring overcrowding. Under the new rules the following people should have one bedroom:

  • Married or cohabiting couples
  • Single people over 21 years
  • Two children under 10 of either sex
  • Two boys under 21 years
  • Two girls under 21 years
  • Any remaining children

3. Additional local priority will be awarded to:

  • members of the British Armed Forces with 10 year residence prior to joining the service
  • couples aged 21-55 without children who are in housing need
  • households in housing need with 10 year continuous residency
  • working households in housing need

Joining the housing register for the first time

New applications will be assessed based on the  Housing allocation policy [478kb]

How to apply

Before applying please read the  criteria for joining the housing register [199kb].

If you are not eligible or do not qualify to join the waiting list for social housing, there maybe other options available.

Giving false information in your application (for example, claiming you have children when you don't), is committing housing fraud. You will be taken off the waiting list and even taken to court.

If you meet the criteria for joining the waiting list:

Register / Login

The 'Register' option can be found on the top left hand menu, once you select the Register/Login button above.

What evidence will I need?

Before filling in an application form, you need to think about who you want to include on your form and  the evidence, you will need [102kb] to support your application. This will be checked when assessing your application.

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