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Land charges (schedule of search charges)

Please note these came into effect January 2010.

Description of fees

Charges £
Standard official search (Commercial)70.00
Standard official search (Residential)60.00
Official certificate of search (Form LLC1) only26.00
Enquiries of Local Authority form Con29 
Part I (CON29R) enquiries - one parcel of land (each component element)0.50
Part II (CON29O) optional enquiries  (each component element)0.50
Additional parcels of land (each)1.00
Maximum standard search fee (13 parcels of land)13.00
Common land search (where not part of Con29)15.00
Compiling Con29R (Personal Search agents)32.00
Compiling Con29O (Personal Search agents) 18.50
Description of fees - Questions CON29O 
4: Road Proposals by Private Bodies1.00
5: Public Footpaths or Byways1.00
6: Advertisements  (Entries in the register)3.50
7: Completion Notices0:50
8: Parks and Countryside (areas of outstanding natural beauty)                                  1.00
9: Pipelines0.50
10: Houses in Multiple Occupation0.50
11: Noise Abatement1.50
12: Urban Development Areas1.00
13: Enterprise Zones0.50
14: Inner Urban Improvement Areas0.50
15: Simplified Planning Zones1.00
16: Land Maintenance Notices0.50
17: Mineral Consultation Areas0.50
18: Hazardous Substance Consent1.00
19: Environmental and Pollution Notices0:50
20: Food Safety Notices0.50
21: Hedgerow Notices1.50
22: Common Land, Town and Village Greens1.50

Correct as at September 2015

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