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Back to sport for adults

Get back into sport with our easy, friendly and inexpensive sessions near you, with prices starting from £1 per session.

Top services

Happy badminton players
An energetic and social sport for people of all ages which is great for increasing your general fitness as well as simple to pick up or to get back into.
2 people riding bikes
Cycling is an excellent way of getting out and about, with added benefits of improving fitness and getting exercise. Find out about cycling rides, loan schemes and many more
Enjoy the great outdoors and test your driving skills at the golf course.
Happy joggers
Explore your local surroundings and become more active by jogging. Free adult jog/walk sessions for beginners led by experienced runners.
Hillingdon on the attack against Richmond at the London youth games
Get back into hockey with other friendly women of all ages who just want to get fit and fabulous.
lady doing yoga
Physical activity classes from yoga to Zumba which are open to the general public (subject to availability).
Happy swimmer
Develop general strength and fitness with a healthy and fun filled activity for all levels of experience.
Ladies laughing at netball practice
Get fit, improve existing skills or learn new ones by having fun and making friends on the netball court.
Happy tennis players
A fun way to a healthy heart and great social skills, tennis can be enjoyed by every age and every ability level.