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Rubbish and recycling collections

Find rubbish, recycling and garden waste collection days for your street.

Rubbish, recycling and garden waste are all collected weekly.

Collection days

Putting out rubbish and recycling

  • Leave bags for collection in your front garden, drive or path, but not on the public pavement or grass verge.
  • Put out rubbish and recycling bags for collection no earlier than 17:30 on the evening before.
  • If your collection is via rear service road, please continue to leave it in the usual place.
  • Between collections, do not store bags anyway other than in the property where you live.

Bank holiday weeks

Collections for bank holiday Mondays will commence on Tuesday and may result in Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays being up to a day late. Friday collections will be unaffected.

Collections in Good Friday week: Monday collections will be as normal. For collections scheduled for Tuesday through Friday, leave your bags out a day early. Friday collections will be made on Thursday.

Crews will work up to 18.00 during bank holiday weeks. 

Check bank holiday collection arrangements.

Missed collections

Report missed collections here (we aim to collect within two working days).