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How can I tell if a property is empty?

The property is generally run down in a poor state.

The things that you might look for are:

Is there a large amount of mail?

Uncollected post can build up inside the front door or hanging out of the letterbox. If post goes uncollected for months on end, this can be a sign that a property has been abandoned.  

Are there signs of disrepair?

E.g broken windows, graffiti, or overgrown garden? If the owner does not appear to be concerned about deterioration, this can be a sign that it has been deserted.

Has the property been boarded up?

This is often a sign that a building has been empty for a long time and has been secured against vandalism and theft.

Are lights left on or does anyone visit the property?

If so, it is unlikely that the property has been abandoned and is evidence that someone is looking after it.


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