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Service standards

The Reablement care Service will respect the right of the client to have choice and control and to exercise their rights to take risks and receive support in maintaining independence and dignity.

The Reablement care service respects the right of the client to have full discussion in any area of the care service provided to them with which they are not satisfied or wish to make a complaint. Clients' comments or complaints will be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated in a sensitive, professional manner in accordance with the Council's complaints procedure.

Clients must be informed of their rights to make complaints and this procedure must be explained to them.

Clients must have detailed information regarding the service offered and how it will be delivered. The information should include details of the costs of the service to the user and assistance given in obtaining access to help with this through the Benefits System and other sources.

In accordance with the NHS and Community Care Act (1990), users must be involved in the comprehensive assessment of their needs and on-going assessments, led by the Commissioning teams.

Reablement care staff must ensure that the aims of the service are put into practice when providing care to people in their own homes. A positive, flexible and sensitive approach must be adopted.

Reablement care staff have the right to adequate briefing concerning duties with specific clients. This should include up to date information on the needs of the client and the services they are expected to provide for the client. Reablement care staff are expected to attend regular meetings and training courses, receive supervision and receive the opportunity to obtain a vocational qualification or specialist training.