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Self directed support - personal budgets

Promoting choice - people in control of their care and support.

Older people

The way social care is delivered has changed, to provide more independence and choice for everyone who receives care from the council. Since early 2012, everyone receiving social care services has been moving over to a new scheme, Self Directed Support (SDS), designed to give them more say over the services they receive.

What is self directed support (SDS)?

SDS allows people to choose the services they need and arrange to have support at the best times to help them remain independent.

What is a personal budget (PB)?

This way of providing support means everyone eligible will be given a PB, which covers the cost of the care they require. This budget can be used in ways that are right for them to meet their support needs. So, if they want to employ a personal assistant/support worker to help them remain in their own home, or they want someone to help them attend adult education classes, or leisure activities to help them develop their skills and interests, they could do this.

How can I receive my PB?

People can either manage the budget themselves as a direct payment via a pre-paid card, a trusted member of their family can manage it, or the council can help them manage the money and services for them.

From December 2014 Hillingdon will be transferring to a new pre-paid card provider, pre-paid financial services.

Direct payments?

How is a PB worked out?

The allocation of the PB is based on the information provided during the assessment which is completed with a social worker. During the assessment the following information will be recorded:

  • physical health, disabilities and well-being
  • support needed to manage personal care and day to day activities
  • mobility
  • relationships with family and friends
  • involvement with work, education and learning
  • involvement in the community
  • safety
  • support received from family, friends and other local people or services

Help to choose and organise my support

Trained Support Planners assist people to plan and organise their support. Initially, the majority of people, particularly older people, choose to continue with the traditional services. For these people social workers will continue to organise their support for them.

In Hillingdon the voluntary sector are very effective in offering a support planning and brokerage service who are able to assist in looking at alternative ways that care needs can be met. Hillingdon is committed to working with partners to develop the marketplace for social care support and other leisure activities.

CarePlace has been developed by a group of West London Councils. Hillingdon has been actively engaged in this project. Careplace contains details and locations of the community facilities and activities across the Borough. This is used as an aid to support planning.

Information and comparisons, about service, can be found on the find me good care website, which has been developed by the Social Care Institute for Excellence.

Further information

The following information can help if you want to know more about SDS and PB:

If you need more information please contact social care direct on telephone 01895 556633 or via email, socialcaredirect@hillingdon.gov.uk.


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