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Ruislip Lido enhancement project

As part of the Hillingdon Improvement Programme, Hillingdon Council is undertaking a major enhancement project to improve access and facilities at Ruislip Lido.

Ruislip Lido

Key messages

  • Hillingdon Council is proud of its natural environment and will enhance and improve its parks and open spaces.
  • The enhancement project will provide significant improvements to the lido for Hillingdon residents and will be in keeping with the local environment.
  • The council will ensure that while making the improvements it preserves the 'look and feel' of the lido, wildlife and the natural environment.

Project update Woodland Centre web

November 2015: Planning permission has been granted for the council to rebuild the boathouse at Ruislip Lido. In one of the last phases of Hillingdon's Ruislip Lido enhancement programme, the existing corrugated metal building, which has fallen into disrepair, will be knocked down. Work will soon start on the new building, which will be in keeping with the other new buildings on-site. The boathouse is vital for staff who use its shower and kitchen facilities. There will also be a hall area which can be used by the community, as well as this site's existing state-of-the-art Woodland Centre.

Following the Flood Risk Assessment, completed in December 2011, the Environment Agency confirmed that plans to enhance Ruislip Lido would not increase the risk of flooding in the local area.

Downloadable Flood Risk Assessment Reports 

The council has therefore commenced the work on the proposed enhancements for the Ruislip Lido site which are detailed below along with indicative timescales for completion.

Cllr Ray Puddifoot, Leader of the Council said: The council's continued investment and long-term plan to provide top quality facilities for the residents of the borough at this popular beauty spot means that visitors of all ages will very soon be able to benefit from a brand new beach side catering facility, a state of the art woodland centre and a much needed overflow car park.

Enhancement programme updates:

Overflow car park

The new overflow car park development is now complete and has been operational during busy periods. Designed as an overflow car park the site will be opened as and when we predict visitor numbers to be high ie sunny weekends, school holidays and bank holidays. The car park will close at dusk with the closing time clearly displayed on arrival. 

Over 80 trees have been planted to compliment the surrounding area and to enhance the visual appearance of the new car park development.

A 'Hibernacula' has been built near to the new car park. In Latin, Hibernacula means 'tent for winter quarters'.  The Hibernacula will be used by amphibians and reptiles.

Woodland Centre

The new Woodland Centre has become a very popular visitor attraction.  There is a classroom, exhibition area, café and an office for the Ruislip Lido Manager. Exhibits at the centre include a large wasp nest, snake skins and information on how to make charcoal. There is also information on the history of the Lido past and present. For further information and room booking please contact ruisliplidoenquiries@hillingdon.gov.uk  

Catering facility

The beach side catering facility is run by San Remo. Further details can be found on their website

Ruislip Lido Railway Society

The refurbished and newly installed Woody Bay and Willow Lawn train stations and new mess room are now fully operational. Facilities include a small RLRS shop and the Turntable Tea Room.  

Full operational details and running times of the railway services can be found on the Ruislip Lido Railway Society website.

New public toilets

The installation of the new public toilet block adjacent to Willow Lawn is now complete and operational.

Rain shelters

Two new rain shelters have been installed


Five new pieces of playground equipment were installed beach side in February 2014 to compliment the already extensive range of play equipment.


An extension to the existing beach area is being created and should be completed by the summer 2014 to include new sand.


Currently bathing is discourage using clear signage and flags. Analysis of water testing will continue throughout 2014.

Bird feeding

The proposed bird feeding platform will be built as part of the installation of the fishing platforms in mid March. The platform will be installed at the far end of Willow Lawn, locating the feeding area away from the main areas of visitor concentration. The area currently being used for bird feeding is causing issues with large birds intimidating visitors. The signage currently installed will be moved to the new area and additional 'No Bird Feeding signs installed along the fence lines and key locations. Additional wooden palisade fencing will be installed along the current fence line at the main entrance to ensure that the large birds can not gain access to the road. A discussion will also take place with the Pub landlord to see if fencing can be installed to prevent the birds accessing the lawn area in front of the premises. The Lido Manager will continue to educate visitors on the benefits of letting the wildfowl fend for themselves and maintain a healthy natural balance. The Wildfowl and Wetland Trust, who provided the initial advice, have been asked to revisit the site to assess these proposals and provide guidance.


Work will begin in March to install ten fishing platforms to the north of the car park development. Completion will be in time for the start of the fishing season in June 2014.  Environment Agency Rod Licences will be required and local fishing rules apply in all cases. 

Site security, signage and fencing

CCTV security has been installed across the site and covers all of the new facilities.

The installation of the perimeter fencing from Woody Bay Station to Willow Lawn Station is being progressed.

The Ruislip Lido site manager continues to tackle littering, dog fouling (dog control orders), no BBQ's, fishing regulations and other Lido site bylaws.


The Ruislip Lido Site Manager monitors the site and buildings and carries out various practical works to enhance the site as well as administration and enforcement duties. In addition, Green Spaces Park Officers directed by the site manager carry out important enhancement works on various days of the month. The Lido volunteers also meet formally on a Thursday once a month.  

Additional toilet cleaning and litter collections will again be initiated from Easter and will continue during weekends, bank holidays and school summer holidays.

Nature Area

The enhancement of the Ruislip Lido site continues to respect and balance recreation with conservation by providing quiet natural areas for the local flora & Fauna to flourish


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