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Crime and disorder

Crime and disorder can have a negative impact on the health and wellbeing of individuals, either because they have been a victim of crime, a friend or family member has been a victim or because there is a fear of crime due to a high level of crime and disorder in their neighbourhood.

A certain amount of fear of crime is inevitable, and may serve to increase a person's ability to protect themselves or their property by taking sensible precautions, but excessive fear of crime is debilitating and may cause a person to alter their normal activities in such a manner that their quality of life is adversely affected.

Keeping people safe is one of the Council's top priorities, and this is shared by the other statutory partners of the Safer Hillingdon Partnership - the Police Service, Fire Service, Health Service and Probation Service.

Over the past year, all organisations working to keep Hillingdon safe have faced a significant challenge. The Metropolitan Police acknowledge that increasing national and local economic uncertainty is having a direct impact on crime levels. This is not just an issue for Hillingdon or even London, but across the country crime rates are rising.

However, when we take a long term view over the past decade Hillingdon is still getting safer.

  • Total number of crimes in Hillingdon Jan 2001 to Dec 2001 = 28,422
  • Total number of crimes in Hillingdon Jan 2011 to Dec 2011 = 24,127

This shows a decrease of 15% over 10 years but there is concern that crime is rising after a long period of reduction.

In the 2010 Residents Survey 65% of residents said they felt safe in their neighbourhood.

More information is available on:

National Crime Mapping 

Metropolitan Police crime figures

Hillingdon Council Crime Prevention, Community Safety and Anti-Social Behaviour


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