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Tenancy management

Service information.

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  • Secure and secure flexible tenancies

    If you do not breach the tenancy conditions you will become a secure or secure flexible tenant after 12 months.

  • Moving in or out of Hillingdon

    What you should do if you are moving in or out of Hillingdon as a council tenant.

  • Being offered an LBH tenancy

    What happens when a property is vacated and how to apply for a council home.

  • Home improvements

    Secure tenants have a legal right to carry out improvements to their home with the permission of their landlord. Probationary and secure flexible tenants do not have this right.

  • Internal decoration assistance

    The council is not responsible for the internal decoration of your home. In certain circumstances it may have a responsibility where repairs have been carried out.

  • Maintaining your garden

    If you have a garden as part of your tenancy it is your responsibility to keep the garden and any hedges tidy.

  • Tenant or name(s) changes

    What to do if you wish to make a change to your tenancy. This may be because you want to make it a sole or a joint tenancy (the tenant has died) or because you want to pass it to someone else.

  • Damage against Hillingdon Housing Service

    You may wish to make a claim against Hillingdon Housing Service (HHS) because you or your family have suffered injury, your possessions have been damaged and you believe the incident is the fault of HHS or has happened because of the negligence of one of their employees.

  • Moving because of major repairs or redevelopment

    If major repairs are needed to a tenants home then Hillingdon Housing Service (HHS) will always try to arrange the work so you and your family can remain in your home whilst the work is carried out.

  • Mutual exchanges

    A mutual exchange is when one tenant swaps properties with another. You can exchange with other council tenants and with some housing association tenants but you must have the consent of the landlord of each property.

  • Parking vehicles at your home

    On estates, parking is on a first come first served basis. If your house has a drop curb from the roadway and has suitable hardstanding you may park in a front garden.

  • Probationary tenancies

    There are three types of council tenancy in Hillingdon: probationary tenancy (sometimes referred to as introductory tenancy) ,secure and secure flexible tenancies.

  • Squatters

    A squatter is someone who enters a property without permission when the property is empty and refuses to leave when requested.

  • Tenancy fraud

    As part of a crackdown on people committing housing tenancy fraud, the council has been targeting anyone not living in their council property.

  • Travellers site

    Housing Services are responsible for the management of the Colne Park Travellers site, in West Drayton, on behalf of London Borough of Hillingdon.

  • Unauthorised occupants

    An unauthorised occupant is someone who the tenant has allowed into their property and remains in the property after the tenants has left or died but does not have a right to take over the tenancy, or someone who remains in the property after their own tenancy has ended.