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Housing repairs and maintenance

Most tenants and leaseholders believe that repairs and maintenance is the most important services provided by Hillingdon Council.

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At the same time, each council tenant is responsible for looking after their own home. This means:

  • keeping the inside in good decorative order
  • carrying out repairs you are responsible for and
  • make sure you promptly report repairs Hillingdon Council is responsible for

Note: if repairs are needed due to damage caused by you, your family or your visitors, you will be responsible for the repairs even if it is something Hillingdon Council would normally do. If you do not do the work, Hillingdon Council will invoice you for the work.

Repairs can be reported in several ways:

Giving the right information

When you report the repair you will be asked to give the following information:

  • your name, address and telephone number
  • What is wrong?
    For example if you have no hot water does the water come out cold or does it not come out at all, is just one tap affected or are all of them?
  • Describe the fault
    For example does your hot water come from a central heating system, a separate gas boiler or an immersion heater?
  • When will someone be in?
    If you work all day, or have to collect children from school, please tell us. We will try to arrange to visit when someone is in. We can offer appointments for repairs that are not urgent. Make sure you are available to let our contractor in, and keep appointments.
  • Hillingdon Council Repairs Service can provide an extended working hours service. This means you may request an appointment for repairs to be carried out on a Wednesday evening, up to 20:00 and on Saturday mornings between 08:00 and 12:00. This service is only for tenants who work during the day or those who have carer commitments and cannot be around to let contractors into their property.

How long will my repair take?

Once we have the information you will be told what priority your repair has been given and how long we expect it to take. For emergencies we aim to make dangerous situations safe within two hours and to complete the repair within one working day. Out of hours - we may have to make safe and return on the next working day. Urgent repairs take three to seven working days, and routine works are usually completed within ten working days. Complicated jobs may take longer.

Emergency repairs

What you should know

Except in genuine emergencies our contractors do not work evenings or weekends. Most repairs can be left overnight and done the next day. If we do send a contractor out at night they will probably only be able to 'make safe' and may have to return to complete the repair.

The emergency service should only be used if the defect is likely to cause danger or serious damage to your home or make it unfit to live in. Please do not overstate the problem to get a faster response. If the service is used for anything other than an emergency you may be charged.

What is an emergency?

  • complete loss of electrical power (please first check to see if the loss of power is only in your home, check your fuse box and reset if necessary)
  • a blocked toilet when there is not another available (you may be charged for this call out)
  • major water leaks (burst pipes etc.) - turn off water at stopcock, turn off boiler and immersion heater and turn on all taps to drain the system.
  • severe storm or accident damage to roofs
  • complete failure of heating system during periods of extreme cold weather when no other form of heating is available (this applies to vulnerable people)
  • your home cannot be made secure, for example: the front door lock is broken or a ground floor window is broken

If you have a fire or a flood or some other emergency during office hours call the Repairs Reporting Centre number listed above.

Outside of normal office hours, over a weekend or a bank holiday please ring the out of hours emergency repairs service

Help avoid major repairs: if you are going away for any length of time, turn off the water supply. If you have central heating, turn this to the frost setting. If you are going away during the winter it may be wise to drain the water system and take other winter precautions.

Find reliable local builders

Age UK Hillingdon operates a list of trusted local trades people in Hillingdon. This list is available to anyone over 60 years or anyone over 50 with a disability.

To get the list contact Age UK Hillingdon.

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