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Report benefit fraud

Every year false benefit claims cost the country millions of pounds - money that could be spent on public services for everyone.

London Borough of Hillingdon paid out more than £160 million in Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction in 2013/14.

Benefit fraud

  1. Housing Benefit and Council Tax reduction helps people on low incomes to pay their rent and council tax.
  2. A small minority claim benefit when they are not entitled. These people cost the country millions of pounds each year.

Who are the benefit cheats?

Benefit cheats are people who deliberately try to claim benefits they are not entitled to by giving false information or not telling us when their circumstances change. This is a criminal offence.

They should not be confused with people who make a genuine mistake when applying for benefit.

How are we tackling benefit cheats?

  1. All information supplied by people applying for benefit is checked
  2. Information given to support a benefit claim may be shared with other agencies
  3. Our benefit investigation team will look into all suspect benefit claims
  4. We will prosecute benefit cheats and recover any over payment of benefit

How you can help

You can help make sure we pay the right benefit to those who need it.

If you claim benefits tell us if any of your circumstances change so we can pay you the correct benefit.

If there is someone you think may be claiming benefits they are not entitled to, contact our Fraud Hotline. Your call or email will be treated in confidence.  

Benefits fraud hotline

If you think someone might be defrauding the system please tell us, remember, its your money they are stealing, money that someone more deserving needs!

Your call will be treated in the strictest confidence, you don't have to give your name and we will investigate every call we receive. Call: 0800 389 8313 (confidential 24-hour hotline).