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Special education needs (SEN)

SEN covers the management of the assessing of special educational needs and supports schools in the implementation of the SEN code of practice.

Group of children

SEN admissions - If your child has a statement of special educational need, please contact the SEN team. Please phone 01895 250429 and they will assist you to obtain the most appropriate school place.

SEN means that a child either has:

  • a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of children of the same age.
  • a disability that prevents or hinders them from making use of educational facilities normally provided for children of the same age in schools.

If you think your child has special educational needs, it would be helpful to speak to either the class teacher, the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) or the Head Teacher. They will receive your concerns sympathetically and discuss the issues you raise. You can ask how the school supports children with special educational needs and this information will also be available in the school's SEN Policy.

The SEN Code of Practice identifies a staged approach (called the Graduated Response) to meeting the special educational needs of children. The Graduated Response identifies several stages through which schools should work to ensure that special needs are met:

  • Monitoring 
  • Early Years Action/School Action 
  • Early Years Action Plus/School Action Plus 
  • Statutory Assessment
  • Transport   

Statement of Special Educational Needs

The majority of children and young people will have their special educational needs supported at Early Years/School Action/School Action Plus or at School Action/School Action Plus. Only a small percentage of children with special needs require a statutory assessment and a statement.

  • Monitoring & funding

    Schools are responsible for the monitoring of School Action and School Action Plus stages.

  • Statutory assessment

    For some pupils the support provided at School Action Plus will not be sufficient to help them make progress. The school will discuss with you the possibility of asking the LA to initiate a statutory assessment of special educational needs. You can also request this yourself.

  • Annual review

    Your child's statement will be reviewed annually.

  • Personal transport budgets

    A personal transport budget is a sum of money provided to parents or carers of children with special educational needs who are eligible for travel assistance.

  • Travel assistance

    The Home to School Transport panel considers all requests for transport on a case-by-case basis.