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Led walks in Hillingdon

Walking, whether part of our daily routine or a way to explore the local area, is a simple way to help stay healthy.


By moving around every day, we will achieve some of the changes that are necessary for a healthier future. What's more, Hillingdon is a great place to do it


Walk Hillingdon offers a programme of led walks that take place Monday to Saturday around the borough. For those less able or use a wheelchair you can join in the Norman Leddy Memorial Garden Walk.

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Our walks are led by trained walk leader volunteers which means

  • Sharing motivation
  • Safety in a group
  • A great social opportunity
  • Suitable footwear should be worn for off road walking
  • Groups: please inform the walk leader coordinators in advance

Everyone is encouraged to walk at their own brisk pace to work towards achieving the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity a week.

Walks are graded so that you can slowly build up your strength and confidence.

The walks are a great way to meet people and explore the wonderful green spaces in Hillingdon.

Children under 16 are welcome if accompanied by a responsible adult. 

Sorry, no dogs (except guide/assistance dogs).

Tell us about your walk - share your experiences and photos.

Something for everyone

There are many great places to walk in Hillingdon including the Hillingdon trail and nature walks. Nordic walking also offers a whole body workout whilst enjoying our green spaces.

There are also easy ways of increasing the amount of everyday walking you do

  • Plan yours or your family walk routes, track your progress to see how may miles you have walked.
  • Count your calories and your steps with a free walking calculator and take challenges that enable you to help make streets a safe, attractive and enjoyable place for your community
  • Have you considered getting off the bus or tube a couple of stops early and walking the rest of the journey? Or would you like to fit walking into your busy day? TFL walking route planner can help.

Walking and physical activity

Walking is a great way to help towards achieving the physical activity recommendations that contribute to our health and wellbeing.

  • Children under 5 years should do 180 minutes every day
  • Young people (5-18 years) should do 60 minutes every day
  • Adults (19-64 years) should do 150 minutes every week
  • Older adults (65+ years) should do 150 minutes every week

Further information

Hillingdon's led walk programme gained accreditation under the Walking for Health initiative, a nationally robust and evaluated programme that maintains high standards for healthy walks.

To find out about the walks or walk leader training days, call the Specialist Health promotion Team on 01895 277615, Monday - Friday between 09:00 and 17:00.

Walk Hillingdon is a project run in partnership between London Borough of Hillingdon's Specialist Health Promotion Team and Green Spaces Team, with NHS Hillingdon.