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Celandine walks

A walk of 12 miles along the River Pinn from Pinner to the Grand Union Canal at Cowley, through green spaces, conservation areas and wildlife havens.

Allow about six hours to complete the route which can be walked in either direction.

Refreshment points and public transport facilities are marked on the map and along the walk are signs and waymark posts with the celandine symbol.

  Download the complete route [1Mb]

The walk can be completed in small sections to suit individual needs through planning ahead and using public transport.

The Lesser Celandine

Celandine flower Early flowering small woodland plant which can grow in the most shaded part of the wood because the overhead canopy is not yet formed. The leaves are heart to kidney shaped. The flowers are solitary with 8-12 bright yellow petals, fading white. Food manufactured by the leaves before withering is stored by the root tubers of the celandine and by means of the storage organs the plants survive until the following spring.