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Women only sessions

Following the launch of the This Hillingdon Girl Can mother and daughter exercise sessions at the start of the year, more women across the borough are happier, healthier and feeling good about themselves.

This Hillingdon Girl Can

The council-run sessions, which were offered free to residents for the first term as part of its launch, allowed mothers and their daughters to take part in various fitness classes in community and leisure centres in Hillingdon. Activities took place in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, free from judgement, no matter what exercise background they have. More than 96 per cent of attendees who responded to a satisfaction survey said that the classes had improved their wellbeing.

If you want to get involved in some women only activities too please use our search tool below to see what is happening across the borough and who to get in touch with.


Helen Panamarenko, 54 and her daughter Louise, 14, say that they think the dance fitness class that they attended was brilliant and that they're glad they started it. Helen enjoys walking and Louise goes to the gym. They sometimes walk together but say that this class gives them a new opportunity to get fit and have fun together. Helen said: "It's really helping my fitness and wellbeing. We'll definitely carry on next term."

Anjna Raju, 42 and her daughter Jasmine, 14, do a lot of fitness classes together. Anjna enjoys spinning, swimming and body balance, while Jasmine regularly does karate. Because Jasmine isn't old enough to go to the gym, Anjna says that classes gave them the opportunity to exercise together. She added: "I didn't realise there would be ballet elements in this class. I think if we'd known we wouldn't have chosen it but we've actually really enjoyed it. It's making me happy and it's getting Jasmine out more."

Aasia Siddiqi, 32 and her daughter Alisha, 9, came along to meet other people and get involved in the community. Aasia said that she wanted to exercise more, as she felt she needed to and explained that it's really helping to keep her trim and making her stretch. She said that they both really enjoy dancing and thought that this is something they can easily do together.

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