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Applying for Promotional Banner Licences

The fixing or placing of banners adjacent to the highway is unlawful without having first obtained the consent from us as the highway authority. The fixing of banners to trees or street furniture is also not allowed.

Charitable organisations may apply to us, as the highway authority, for a licence to place a banner adjacent to the highway. This service is provided free of charge. Consent will not be given to any banner containing direct commercial or sponsorship advertising. The purpose of banners is to provide effective publicity for local charitable, cultural and educational events. Promotion of these events and activities should be appropriate and the surrounding area, with minimal environmental impact.

Applying for a banner to be erected adjacent to the highway

An application can be made by submitting an application through the council's website to the Applications Processing team.

Every application must be accompanied by the following essential information:

  • proposed location of banner
  • dates required (commencement of installation to complete removal)
  • diagram of banner fully dimensioned including lettering
  • contact person (24 hours), contact number (fixed and mobile), email and postal address
  • evidence of appropriate Public Liability Insurance should be submitted with each application

Applications will only be permitted for non commercial organisations such as charities. Permission is given for up to three weeks at any one time. Applications must be made at least 15 working days in advance.

Each application will be judged on it's own merits depending on it's location and size. Standard dimensions permitted are not able to be given. If further information is required please contact utilities@hillingdon.gov.uk. Banners should not be placed within 15 metres of a junction or pedestrian crossing, on a roundabout and must not impede sight lines on the public highway.

Only two organisations can erect a banner in any one location.

The council has approved locations for the erection of banners:

  • Maxwell Road/Green Lane
  • Rickmansworth Road/Green Lane
  • Rickmansworth Road/Ducks Hill Lane

Any other location on public highway land will need to be considered by the Utilities Section and may require additional timescales due to the site needing to be approved.

The licence bearers will be responsible for the installation, maintenance and removal of banners within the agreed timescales. Failure to remove banners may incur costs to the organisation. The relevant legislation may be found in the Highways Act 1980, section 178. Its purpose is to prevent, as far as possible, damage and injury to persons using the highway, which might arise if the placing of banners was unregulated.

There may be circumstances in which the council might refuse to give consent. In which case the reasons for refusal will be clearly given. An applicant then has the facility to appeal to a magistrate's court, either against the refusal or against the terms and conditions required by the authority.

Download an application form [66kb] and then once completed, email to applicationsprocessingteam@hillingdon.gov.uk.

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