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Contaminated land and planning

Land contamination issues have been a material consideration within the planning legislation since 1994.


The Town & Country Planning Act 1990 sets out the legislative framework for the role of the Planning Authority and its scope to control the development of the land affected by contamination, through the use of planning conditions. The EPU provide technical advice to the Council's Planning and Building Control Departments to ensure that no new problems are created as a result of new development on land affected by contamination. We advise on the use and fulfillment of contaminated land planning conditions to ensure the land does not meet the definition of contaminated land upon the completion of development.

Supplementary planning guidance on land contamination [611kb] has been produced by the EPU and Planning to provide guidance to developers about the planning and development process, and the type of information required to fulfill contaminated land planning conditions. It is in keeping with the Planning Policy Statement 23 documents published by the Government on Planning and Pollution Control issues listed below, and the updated Approved Document C, provided under the Building Regulations.

The Government has also recently published a document for the management of land contamination under both Planning and Part IIA, intended to provide the technical framework for structured decision-making. Model procedures for the management of land contamination (CLR11) is intended to assist all those involved in the management of land, and its liabilities such as landowners, developers, industry, professional advisors, planners and regulators.

We have also produced supplementary planning guidance for planning obligations which covers s106 agreements for land contamination.

Find out where contaminated land has been found in Hillingdon »

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