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If you have a disrepair problems

You need to notify the landlord of any repairs that are needed as soon as possible. The Council cannot normally intervene unless you have contacted the landlord (or at least tried to) first.

You should:

  • notify the landlord in writing, remembering to date the letter and keep a copy
  • give the landlord a reasonable period of time to carry out repairs
  • keep copies of all letters or emails sent to the landlord
  • keep a record of the landlord's responses
  • take photographs of items in need of repair

Repairs that are the responsibility of the landlord should be carried out within a 'reasonable' period of time which will depend on the type of repair required. For example, a faulty gas boiler is urgent, but a leaking tap is not.

If urgent issues such as broken boilers, leaving you with no heating or hot water or serious leaks are not responded to quickly then you should contact thehousing standards team.

If your landlord is a Registered Social Landlord (Housing Association) then you should complain directly to them and, if a response is not received within a reasonable time consider making use of their formal complaints procedure which all these bodies will have.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. My landlords will not do any repairs in my house.
    We can arrange for an officer to visit the property.

  2. Why does an officer have to visit my home?
    So they can inspect the property and assess any repairs that are legally required to be done.

  3. What will happen after the inspection has been carried out?
    The officer may contact your landlord and request the repairs are carried out.

  4. What will happen if the landlords still does not do any repairs?
    If the hazard is serious, the officer can serve a notice under the Housing Act 2004 or Environmental Protection Act 1990 on your landlord requiring that the repairs are to be carried out.

  5. If the landlords still doesn't carry out the repairs, what will happen next?
    The council may arrange for the repairs to be carried out by a contractor, although the landlord is still responsible and will be required to pay for the repairs. The Council can only step in as a last resort and after the landlord has had a reasonable time to carry out the repairs. Alternatively, the council may take the landlord to court for not carrying out the required works.

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