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Council tax reduction for those aged 65 and over

In April 2007, Hillingdon introduced a reduction scheme for households where the taxpayer or their partner was aged 65 or over.

Since then the discount has continued, effectively freezing the council tax for the twelfth year where households have qualified for the discount.

This year the Council has announced an overall freeze on council tax for all Hillingdon residents and, in addition, the over 65s' discount scheme will continue. Households where the taxpayer, or their partner, is aged over 65 will be entitled to a discount of 3.86% of the overall charge.

Eligibility for discount

You will be eligible for this discount if:

  • You (or your partner) are responsible for the council tax on a property in Hillingdon, in which you are living on 1 April 2018 
  • And either you or your partner will be 65, or over, on 1 April 2018
  • And you are not receiving a council tax reduction

How to claim this discount

  • If you received the over 65 discount last year the reduction will automatically be shown on your council tax bill for 2018-19
  • If you have lived in Hillingdon from prior to April 2018 and have reached 65 after 1 April 2017, the reduction should already show on your bill
  • If the reduction is not showing on your bill and you think you may qualify please send in proof of your date of birth.  This can be a copy of your passport, your driving licence or other official document.  This should be sent to:
    • By email: counciltax@hillingdon.gov.uk
    • By post: London Borough of Hillingdon, Revenues and Benefits Section, PO Box 1120, Number 1 Market Street, Nelson, Lancs BB9 7LJ.

Recently moved to Hillingdon?


If you moved in after 1 April 2017 and you will be 65, or over, on 1 April 2018, your council tax may already show the reduction. However, in a few cases we may not have been able to confirm your entitlement to the discount before we had to send your bill. If you think you meet the criteria for this discount please see how to claim this discount above.

I am 65 after the 1 April 2018: Will I get the discount from my birthday?

No, you will not receive the discount this year. To qualify you have to be 65, or over, on 1 April 2018.

If I move house will I still get the reduction?

Yes, if you move to another property in Hillingdon. We will transfer the reduction to your new address, providing you will be responsible for the council tax at your new address.

I already get a 25% discount because I live on my own. Will I still qualify?

Yes. The reduction will be calculated on the amount you pay after your 25% discount. Similarly if you have had a reduction in your council tax band because you or someone in your household have a disability you will still get a further reduction, calculated on the reduced amount payable.

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