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Advice on next steps

Guidance on what to do depending on where the death has occurred.

Death in hospital or care home

If death occurs in a hospital or care home, the hospital or care home staff will contact the person named by the deceased as next of kin. This may be, but need not be a relative.

You may, if you wish, request to see the hospital chaplain.

The hospital will keep the body in the hospital mortuary until the executor arranges for deceased body to be taken away. Most funeral directors have a chapel of rest in which the deceased will be held pending the funeral.

The hospital will arrange for the nearest relative to collect the deceased's possessions.

A doctor will issue a medical certificate which you will also need when you register the death »

If the death occurs elsewhere

If the death was expected, contact the doctor who attended the deceased during their final illness. If the doctor can certify the cause of death, he or she will give you the following:

  • a medical certificate that shows the cause of death (this is free of charge and will be sealed in an envelope addressed to the registrar)
  • a formal notice stating that the doctor has signed the medical certificate and giving instructions on how to get the death registered

You may wish to contact the deceased's minister of religion if you have not already done so. Arrangements for the funeral may be made by a funeral director.

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