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Unexpected or sudden death

Advice on determining the cause of a death.

If a doctor is unsure about the cause of death, or if the patient has not been seen by a doctor for 14 days or more, the doctor may not issue a medical certificate detailing the cause of death.

This would also happen if the death were caused by an injury or an accident.

In these cases a post mortem will be carried out either at the hospital where the deceased was taken or at the Mortuary, Kingston Lane, Uxbridge.

A post mortem is a series of tests and examinations medical professionals carry out to establish the cause of death. Following the post mortem the Coroner will issue a medical certificate.

If the deceased's religion dictates that a funeral should take place within 24 hours, the Coroner will try to assist. However, this can be difficult if the death has occurred in suspicious circumstances. The Law takes precedence, and the Coroner's decision is final.

The Coroner's Office can be contacted between 9am and 3.30pm, Monday to Friday, on:


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