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Metropolitan Police

Information about the role of the police in a major incident.

Metropolitan Police

The police will establish an immediate control point at the scene of major incident. They are responsible for:

  • control at the scene of the incident
  • alerting as appropriate, other authorities and organisations
  • maintaining law and order
  • arranging for evacuation of the public

Control of the public and security of property:

  • traffic control and diversions with support from the council if required
  • investigation of fatalities and reporting of deaths to HM Coroner
  • implementation of procedures, in conjunction with the Fire Brigade, Environment Agency and other services for incidents involving hazardous loads

The Police will remain in control for so long as it is necessary and their aim will be to hand over the control to the responsible authority or organisation as soon as it is practicable.

The primary areas of police responsibility at a major incident are:

  • the saving of life together with the other emergency services
  • the co-ordination of the emergency services, local authorities and other organisations acting in support, at the scene of the incident
  • the investigation of the incident and obtaining and securing of evidence in conjunction with other investigative bodies, where applicable
  • the collation and distribution of casualty information
  • the identification of the dead on behalf of Her Majesty's (HM) Coroner
  • the prevention of crime
  • short-term measures to restore normality after all necessary actions have been taken
  • to secure, protect and preserve the scene and to control sightseers and traffic through the use of cordons

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