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Fire service

Information about the role of the fire service in a major incident.

Fire service

The role of the fire service at scenes of major incidents will be to assist in restoring the situation by:

  • after consultation with the senior police officer present, taking measures to protect life by evacuation of properties within the vicinity of a fire if necessary
  • controlling and extinguishing fires as defined by the Fire Services Act 1947
  • maintaining operation control of the fire ground within the inner cordon
  • providing specialised equipment appropriate to the incident
  • obtain information regarding hazardous chemicals
  • rendering other assistance as may be required by the prevailing circumstances
  • rescuing trapped persons
  • where required, the decontamination of emergency services personnel, ie fire, police and ambulance
  • where possible carry out salvage operations

The co-operation with other services at the scene, together with the co-ordination of the fire service operations, will be the responsibility of the senior fire officer present.

The primary areas of the Fire Brigade responsibility at a major incident are:

  • life-saving through search and rescue
  • fire-fighting and fire prevention
  • identification and management of hazardous materials and protection of the environment
  • salvage and damage control
  • safety management within the inner cordon
  • maintenance of adequate cover for their own service area

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