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Ambulance Service

Information about the roles and responsibilities of the Ambulance service in a Major incident.


London Ambulance Service serves the whole of the London Borough of Hillingdon, providing a 999 emergency service, patient transport system and emergency bed movement service to all.

The London Ambulance Service responsibilities include:

  • to save life together with the other emergency services
  • to provide treatment, stabilisation and care of those injured at the scene
  • to provide appropriate transport, medical staff, equipment and resources
  • to establish an effective triage sieve and triage sort system to determine the priority evacuation needs of those injured and to establish a safe location for casualty clearing, ie triage sort area
  • to provide a focal point at the incident for all National Health Service (NHS) and other medical resources
  • to provide communication facilities for NHS resources at the scene, with direct radio links to hospitals, control facilities and any other agency as required
  • to nominate and alert the receiving hospitals from the official list of hospitals to receive those injured and inform the other agencies
  • to provide transport to the incident scene for the Medical Incident Officer (MIO), mobile medical/surgical teams and their equipment
  • to arrange the most appropriate means of transporting those injured to the receiving and specialist hospitals
  • to maintain emergency cover throughout the LAS area and return to a state of normality at the earliest time
  • to act as a portal into the wider health services including the Health Protection Agency Regional Health Emergency Planning Advisors
  • in the event of a chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear incident advise on the convening of the Health Advisory team (HAT), which will be able to advise and lead as far as health advice is concerned

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