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Street champions FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Street champions scheme.

How do I report an issue for fixing?

All reports for getting things fixed must be reported to our Contact Centre. There are 3 easy ways to do this:

  1. Report online 24/7 
  2. Email us details, ideally with a digital photo of the issue attached, to contact@hillingdon.gov.uk
    Please ensure you remember to insert your Street Champion number, as this will enable us to confirm receipt of your report.
  3. Phone the Contact Centre on 01895 556000, not forgetting to give your Street Champions number.
    The Contact Centre is open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. Voicemail operates outside these hours.

Do I get preferential treatment by becoming a Street Champion?

No, all residents have fair and equal access to our services. Street Champions do not get preferential treatment over other residents.

How do I find out if my report has been received?

Street Champions reports submitted to the Contact Centre via the Hillingdon Council website and by email receive an acknowledgement of receipt.

How do I find out what is happening regarding my Street Champions report?

Due to the high volume of Street Champions reports it is not possible to inform a Street Champion when works have been undertaken, however if you wish to find out more about the issue, phone the Contact Centre on 01895 556000 and give your Street Champion number or name and date when the report was submitted. The Customer Service Adviser will be able to look up the matter on our computer system and advise you of progress. It is advisable to keep a record of the Job Number, as if you refer to this when calling again, you can be provided with a faster service by the Customer Service Adviser.

You can also view your reports if you are registered to our Online Services. When you sign in, go to 'View your reports' and it will list all of the reports you have made and the current status. However if you do require further information, then please call the Contact Centre.

I have a suggestion on how to improve the Street Champion Scheme?

We always welcome suggestions on how we can make the Street Champions scheme even better.

You can make a suggestion in 4 ways:

What is a locality area?

The Street Champions scheme is organised reflecting the seven locality working areas (Ward clusters) based on Police Safer Neighbourhoods grouping:

  • North: Cavendish, Eastcote & East Ruislip, Harefield, Ickenham, Manor, Northwood, Northwood Hills, South Ruislip, West Ruislip
  • Uxbridge: Brunel, Hillingdon East, Uxbridge North, Uxbridge South
  • Hayes: Barnhill, Botwell, Charville, Townfield, Yeading
  • West Drayton: Heathrow Villages, Pinkwell, West Drayton, Yiewsley

The goals of locality working are:

  • common understating of local issues and priorities between the council/its partners and residents
  • co-ordinated engagement of residents and council staff to develop responsible and locally sensitive services

What are street scene issues?

The phrase 'street scene issues' refers to any service the council delivers on your street, eg graffiti removal, refuse and recycling collection and street sweeping.

It can also be emptying of bins and litter collection, grass cutting and parks maintenance, road and pavement maintenance, street lighting, road safety, enviro crime enforcement (flytipping etc), CCTV, etc. You can report trading standards, noise and public health issues as well.

My neighbour is a Street Champion. Can I also sign up or is there a limit of one Street Champion per street?

There are no limits to the number of street Champions in a street, so we would be more than happy to sign you up as a Street Champion.

The essential factor is that Street Champions can report things anywhere in the borough, and not just your area, so it doesn't matter how many Street Champions we have in a single road.

Are my personal details stored on a database? Can I de-register as a Street Champion from this database?

The Council's Onyx Customer Relationship Management (CRM) computer system is used to record that a person has volunteered to register as a Street Champion.

The council wishes to share those details both internally within the council and externally with strategic partners in relation to street scene and other similar issues that are reported by Street Champions. This will enable the authority to effectively deliver the objectives of the scheme and bring relevant street scene issues to the attention of street champions. Examples of strategic partners are local police Safer Neighbourhoods teams, Transport for London, London Fire Brigade, Hillingdon Housing Service, service utilities etc.

Personal details will never be forwarded to commercial organisations or businesses for direct mailing or marketing purposes.

Consequently when the DPA (Data Protection Act) status on the Onyx database has been selected as "Agreed to share", this records that the street champion has given their consent to share details, only as listed above. If other status are selected this reflects that the Street Champion has not consented to this and consequently, details will not be shared.

A person will immediately be de-registered as a Street Champion upon such a request.

How does a Street Champion become deregistered?

There are two ways:

  1. they can deregister themselves. This is usually because they have moved away or through other circumstances have decided they no longer wish to be a Street Champion. This is done by calling the Community Engagement Team on: 01895 558136 or emailing streetchampions@hillingdon.gov.uk
  2. they can be deregistered if they breach the Street Champion Code of Conduct and at the discretion of the manager of the scheme they can be removed from the scheme. Should they not agree with the reasons for deregistration, an appeal can be sent to the Deputy Director for Residents Services. The Council's complaint system will be used to deal with all appeals against the decision made.

Are there any conditions/code of conduct which I have to adhere to as a Street Champion?

London Borough of Hillingdon provides and operates the Street Champions scheme to promote a cleaner greener and safer borough. Residents are invited to volunteer and participate in the scheme in partnership with the council and therefore registration is granted on the basis that Street Champions do not by their words or actions undermine the principals of the scheme or bring it into disrepute. Consequently, in such circumstances, the authority may de-register a person from the scheme, at its discretion but usually following a verbal and/or written warning.

By registering it is a requirement that all Street Champion's comply with .


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