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Pollution complaints

Find out the procedures of the Environmental Protection Unit to investigate nuisance complaints.

Councils are under a duty to investigate all complaints of statutory nuisance that are made to them. The investigation of your complaint can be broken down into five main stages.

  1. A discussion about the complaint will take place to obtain key information from you.
  2. We will advise how the complaint will be investigated and you will be given the name and contact details of the investigating officer.
  3. We will advise you of the method we will use to gather evidence in order to establish whether a statutory nuisance exists.
  4. Evidence gathering stage; monitoring visits during which an officer will attempt to witness a statutory nuisance, issuing of record forms (diary sheets) to indicate the pattern of frequency and duration of your complaint, installation of monitoring equipment in the case of noise and dust complaints.
  5. We will assess and evaluate the evidence gathered and determine whether a statutory nuisance exists. We will take the appropriate enforcement action in line with our enforcement policy.

Your report will sent to the Environmental Protection Unit during daytime service hours only. The council does not investigate aircraft, road traffic or railway noise complaints.

Do keep a record of the nuisance you are suffering, including times and dates when the problem occurs.

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