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What we will and cannot do

Much as we would like to help everyone, we are subject to staffing levels, resources and priorities. Read on to see what services we strive to deliver.

We will:

  • investigate complaints concerning criminal matters. 90% of investigations will be completed within 12 months; 
  • intervene where vulnerable consumers are targeted by rogue traders;
  • visit businesses to ensure they are complying with consumer protection legislation;
  • ensure that every resident, whatever their circumstances, is entitled to equal access to all Council services. We recognise that the Borough is made up of people with a wide range of abilities, backgrounds and lifestyles. You have the right to receive services sensitive to your needs.

We cannot:

  • close businesses down;
  • obtain a refund for you;
  • take action when the criminal law has not been broken;
  • tell you which businesses to avoid*;
  • recommend businesses*.

* ... although there is a website that may be able to help. Check out TrustMark - a scheme supported by the Government, consumer groups, and the building industry whose aim is to provide information about 'reputable' firms to do repairs, maintenance & improvements work in your home or garden.

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