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Using your card

Using your card is simple.

Using your card

You can use your card straight away, but registering your card will allow you to manage your card details online, and will help with the replacement of a lost card. 

Register your card

When you present your HillingdonFirst card at each visit, you will get preferential rates for yourself only.

Please note:

  • HillingdonFirst cannot be used to pay council tax.
  • HillingdonFirst Oyster cards and contactless payment cards work off similar technology so keep them separated before using a card reader.

Where you can use your card

In shops

Search the discounts and offers directory

The council does not endorse businesses, products and services in the directory.

When paying for your shopping, just show your HillingdonFirst card.  Acceptance of the HillingdonFirst card is at the shop manager's discretion.

Your HillingdonFirst card cannot be used to make online purchases.

At the library

If you are an existing library member, HillingdonFirst replaces your library card. Please destroy your old library card and begin using your HillingdonFirst card.

Search for and renew books

If you have not used a library before, please bring your HillingdonFirst card to join the library immediately so that it can be activated.

If you haven't been an active library user in the last two years, you will need to reactive your membership.

In leisure centres and golf courses

At the Waste and recycling centre, Harefield

Free access to domestic landfill waste area.
Touch your card to the picture of HillingdonFirst on the machine at the entrance.

Use your card to get preferential parking rates

Before you put money into the parking machine, press the yellow button and touch your card on the picture of HillingdonFirst on the parking machine at council car parks and on-street parking areas.

Video guide to parking with HillingdonFirst »

If you forget your card, you will have to pay the full charge.


Cancel your card

When the council registers a death, the person's HillingdonFirst card is cancelled as part of that process.   


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