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Electoral register

To vote in any UK elections, you have to be on the electoral register.

Voting in elections gives you a say on who runs the country, who sits on your local council, and who represents you in Europe.

Candidates will be selected to represent you whether you vote or not, so register yourself to vote and you will have the chance to have a say on who represents you when you use your vote. 
Some people are quick to complain when they disagree with politicians, but by registering to vote you can be someone who makes a difference.

Elections can be called at short notice, and if you're not registered you will not be able to vote. For example, a UK Parliamentary general election can be called as late as 17 working days before Election Day.

The electoral register is a list of the names and addresses of everyone who is registered to vote.  The Register is published in address order and in each road the names of eligible electors are shown against the house number. This includes every house, flat, bedsit, houseboat and caravan. Homeless persons are also entitled to register. It does not give titles such as Mr., Ms. etc. It does not show telephone numbers or ages, other than those electors who will reach voting age during the life span of that Register. There are two versions of the electoral register:

  • The electoral register
    Lists the name and address of everyone who is registered to vote and is updated every month. You do not have a choice about your details being on this register.  A copy is held at the Civic Centre in Uxbridge and Uxbridge Library.
    Anyone can look at it and make notes but copies of the register cannot be taken. The main use of the full register is to show who can vote in elections and referendums. Credit reference agencies can use it, but only to check your name and address if you are applying for credit. It can also be used for law enforcement purposes.
  • The open register (also known as the edited register)
    Available for general sale and can be used for any purpose. The open register is kept separately from the full register and can be bought by any person, company or organisation. The open register can be used for commercial activities such as marketing. You can choose not to be on the open register by ticking the appropriate box on the annual canvass or rolling registration form.

    To find out if you are registered you can contact the elections helpline.

If you wish to change your preference in respect of inclusion in the open register, please e-mail electoralservices@hillingdon.gov.uk with your address and names of all those wishing to change their preference. On receipt of your request and your details have been amended, a confirmation letter will be issued to you.

Missing name

If you cannot find your name on the register, or if you have recently moved into the borough, you can register by going to www.gov.uk/register-to-vote .

You will need to provide your name, address, date of birth and national insurance number. This makes the electoral register more secure.

Electoral services issue a monthly update, called a "list of alterations". This is published every month except for October and November.

When we receive your registration, and if everything is in order, your name will be shown in the list of alterations. Your details will take between two and six weeks to be added to the register dependent on when your form is received.

You will be sent an acknowledgement from us when you have been added to the register.

Updating details on the current register

There is no mechanism to update any details on the current register (unless an election is called). If your details have changed and you are having problems with credit issues, you will have to contact the major credit reference agencies. They are aware that the register is not updated between 1 September and 1 December each year and should be able to help you. The main agencies are:

  • Experian - tel: 0844 481 8000
  • Equifax - tel: 0800 014 2955 and 0333 321 4043


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