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London Mayor and Assembly elections 2012

The election of the Mayor of London and 25 Assembly Members took place on Thursday 3 May 2012.

Real time vote counting results covering the Hillingdon area

The Mayor of London and the London Assembly represent people living in the 32 boroughs of Greater London, and the City of London.

In Hillingdon, voters will be able to cast votes for the Mayor (two votes expressing a first and second choice), the Assembly Member for the Ealing and Hillingdon Constituency (one vote) and for a London-wide Assembly Member (one vote).

The London Elects website, contains detailed information on these elections.

What do the London Mayor and Assembly do?

The Mayor of London has the power to make decisions in the following areas affecting London:

  • arts and culture
  • economic development
  • the environment
  • fire and safety
  • healthy living
  • policing
  • transport
  • urban regeneration

The London Assembly keeps a check on what the Mayor is doing. It also investigates issues of importance to Londoners, publishes its findings and recommendations, and makes proposals to the Mayor.

Read more on the Greater London Authority website.

How is it made up?

The Mayor of London and the London Assembly make up the Greater London Authority (GLA), which is a unique form of government for London. It has around 600 staff to help the Mayor and Assembly in their duties.

The London Assembly has 25 Assembly Members. Fourteen of these represent constituencies, which are made up of two or more London boroughs. The other 11 members represent London as a whole.

How are they elected?

London Mayor Election

  • A first choice for Mayor of London.
  • A second choice for Mayor of London.

You do not have to make your second choice vote, but you must vote for your first choice or your ballot paper will not be counted.

London Assembly Election

One vote marked by a single cross (x) for a constituency member of the London Assembly.
One vote marked by a single cross (x) for a London-wide member of the London Assembly.

Notice of election Ealing & Hillingdon Constituency Member 2012 [10kb]  

Notice of election Mayor and London Assembly 2012 [11kb]

Notice of Election Agents [12kb]

London Member Election Agents [33kb]

Mayoral Election Agents [29kb]

Statement of Mayoral Nominations GLA 2012 [50kb]

Notice of election Ealing & Hillingdon Constituency Member 2012 [10kb]

Statement of London Assembly Nominations GLA 2012 [94kb]

Mayoral Notice of Poll [14kb]

London Assembly Notice of Poll [27kb]

The Ealing website contains further information about the nomination process.

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