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Guidance notes

Guidance notes and supporting documentation for certain massage and special treatment processes: hand washing; decontamination; anaesthetics; advanced therapies; bench-top steam sterilizers

This Authority's advice in relation to the use of anaesthetics is particularly relevant to tattooists and body piercers but also useful advice for therapists who carry out treatments that involve a degree of discomfort such as waxing, electrolysis and micropigmentation.
This authority's advice in relation to the use of bench-top steam sterilizers.
Advice in relation to the use of advanced therapies.
There are many bacterial, viral and fungal infections which can be easily contracted by contaminated equipment. These include Herpes Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV, all good reasons for ensuring appropriate cleaning and sterilising techniques.
Hand washing is one of the most important procedures for preventing the spread of infection and the first step in infection control.
Hillingdon's Environmental Health Team has produced the following supporting documentation - client records / consent forms / aftercare advice.
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