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Parking within your property (driveways)

Information on requesting a kerb crossing for a property.

Multiple occupancy driveway dropped kerb


There must be a suitable parking area within your property, at least 4.8 metres long, measured from the front of your house to the boundary of your property and 2.44 metres wide.

There must be enough space around this area for pedestrian access. If the width of your property is more than 8m these conditions may not apply.

Inspections for an approval or refusal

There may be instances where the above criteria are not met. In such cases a Highway Inspector may give approval, subject to a site inspection. The Highway Inspectors decision as to whether the application will be approved or refused is final.

No part of a vehicle parked within your property may project on to or over a pavement, road or block the front door. The crossing may not be used as a parking area and no part of it is exempted for the purpose of footway parking.

Paving of front garden/driveway

Planning legislation now requires the owners/occupiers of properties wishing to install a new hard surface or to repair or replace an existing surface to the front of their premises, to use porous materials or provide for water to drain away naturally within the curtilage of the property, for example to a garden border.

If you are unsure as to whether you have complied with the legislation, or would like further advice, please contact our Planning Services.

Using gravel

Where you are intending to use gravel or a similar loose material for your driveway, you should consider the problem of some being carried on to the road by the movement of the vehicle. This is especially true where the surface comes up to the boundary.

Where gravel is used, concrete or blacktop should be laid in a 500mm strip from the boundary to the start of the graveled area. This will help to reduce any problem. If the material is carried onto the road it will be the responsibility of the occupier to remove it by sweeping etc.

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