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Strong and Active Communities Partnership

Hillingdon's Strong & Active Partnership is a multi-agency group. It aims to make Hillingdon 'a borough where communities are strong and cohesive, and where local people have a real opportunity to take an active part in local life, leisure and culture.'

About the Partnership

The Strong and Active Partnership is one of five groups that form part of Hillingdon Partners, the Local Strategic Partnership.

The purpose of the Strong and Active Partnership group is to address four key areas:

  1. Community cohesion and integration - working together to build more cohesive, empowered and active communities in Hillingdon.
  2. Residents' involvement in sports, leisure, culture and learning activities.
  3. Monitoring community tensions - working together to understand local community dynamics and identify potential or actual tensions and their impact.
  4. Preventing violent extremism - working to ensure that issues that may give rise to community tension or which might result in violent extremism are addressed, and supporting the management of critical incidents.


The Strong and Active Communities Partnership is accountable to the Local Strategic Partnership and to the council through the Corporate Services and Partnerships Policy Overview Committee and the Cabinet member portfolio holder for Improvement, Partnerships and Community Safety.


Membership of the group aims to include representatives from the following:

External partners 

  • Community forums
  • Police
  • London Fire Service
  • Schools
  • Brunel University
  • Uxbridge College
  • Voluntary sector

Hillingdon Council

  • Council members 
  • Policy and Partnerships
  • Community Safety
  • Youth service
  • Housing
  • Communications
  • Planning, Sports and Leisure, Green Spaces
  • Adult Education
  • Emergency Planning


The Chair is elected from amongst one of the representatives of the external partners.

Key tasks

To address the four key areas of community cohesion and integration, involvement in sports, leisure, culture and learning, tensions monitoring and preventing violent extremism through:

  • identifying best practice and what is already working well in Hillingdon
  • mapping and identifying Hillingdon's communities
  • collecting, sharing and coordinating information about community dynamics and tensions
  • analysing community information based upon experienced, evidenced and potential tensions impact assessments
  • producing an annual plan based upon priorities for intervention and programmes of activity in building stronger communities
  • producing a communications plan and determine media relations strategy
  • monitoring and evaluating activity


The group maintains regular contact between meetings, and the frequency of meetings reflects local needs and priorities.

In situations where tensions are high there may be a need for more frequent meetings.  A monitoring and reporting sub-group may also be required.


The group will be supported through the Partnerships team within Administration Services, Hillingdon Council.

Partnership review

Annual reviews will be held of this partnership to include a review of the terms of reference and membership to ensure the group reflects the community and any changes in national or local policies or drivers.

Confidentiality/sensitive information

All members agree to maintaining confidentiality of all items discussed particularly with regards the sharing of sensitive information/community tensions. 


If you have any questions, please email Fiona Gibbs 

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