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Local list

The Local List of buildings of architectural and historical importance was adopted by the council on 27 May 2010.

These include farm buildings, residential and commercial properties, local landmarks, modern offices, educational buildings and churches. The list will be reviewed on a regular basis.

The council has a rolling programme of historic asset designation. If you would like to nominate a building for inclusion, please refer to the eligibility criteria below.

Eligibility criteria for inclusion in the local list

Any site or structure provided it is not already statutorily protected and meets the designation criteria, can be added to the Local List, particularly if it can be shown that it contributes to the character of an area and is valued by local people. The following are the criteria for including buildings, structures or features on the Local List:

I. Authenticity: all suggested buildings or structures should be substantially unaltered and should retain significant original features.

II. Architectural Interest this would include buildings or structures that are:

  • an example of a style of building that is particular to the local area, or a good surviving example of an historic architectural style
  • designed by notable local, or national architects, engineers or designers
  • an example of a particular technological innovation in building type, material or technique

III. Townscape Significance would include:

  • building groups, structures or features, including groups or terraces of buildings, which help form an attractive local character
  • good examples of town planning/layout
  • notable buildings or structures, on important routes into the area, or key landmark buildings which create a vista or contribute to the skyline

IV. Historic Interest would include buildings, structures or features that are:

  • associated with an important historic figure, local or national
  • have strong community or socio-economic development significance, such as schools, institutions or any important part of borough's industrial and military history
  • are associated with any important local historic events

Street furniture or other structures can also be included in the Local List, for example, boundary markers, post boxes, memorials, lamp posts and statues. These would be assessed using the criteria above.

For more details regarding the eligibility criteria and scoring system for inclusion on the local list refer to  Criteria and scoring for inclusion on the local list [60kb]

If you think a building or structure meets the above criteria, please email details with photograph and map to the Conservation team at PlanningSpecialists@hillingdon.gov.uk or telephone the Customer Contact Centre on 01895 556000.

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