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Rainy day fun

Wet weather can be the making of a good day out. So turn off the television, switch off the computer, put down those games consoles and get out of the house for some real-life fun and adventures!

Rainy day

From formal gardens and parks in town centres to the wild woods of Ruislip, whatever the weather, you'll find fabulous ways to enjoy your day.


There's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing. A summer shower is the perfect excuse to get your wellies on and celebrate a soggy day by making a splash in the great outdoors.

Puddles can be oodles of fun! See how much of a splash you can make and look at what the rain brings. From leaves, twigs and pebbles to petals and mini beasts, each puddle creates its own little world.

There are simple pleasures to be had, like seeing who can find the best shelter, or collecting raindrops in a jam jar from as many different places as possible, including branches, leaves, the edge of a building, the tip of your brolly and even the end of your nose! While you're out and about, see how much of the jar you can fill, one drop at a time.

How to be a weather detector

Nature has its own ways of telling us what weather to expect. Old wives tales, from shepherd's warnings about the colour of the skies to cows sitting down in the field, are all supposed to give us clues about what's coming next, but there are more reliable ways to make a prediction.

The National Trust has produced a free downloadable weather detector so you can teach your family how to forecast the weather using changes in plants and insect behaviour. Slugs, snails, trees and flowers can tell us all we need to know and you'll have great fun finding out.

You can view the weather detector online above.

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