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Picnics can be so much fun for all the family. Find a park that has a playground for the kids and shady areas for the adults. Bring plenty of food and games and you will have the time of your life.


How to plan a picnic

  1. Locate a park that can fulfill all your needs. This may include a playground, rolling hills, shade, trees and a pond.
  2. Put together the food you want to eat on your picnic. Sandwiches are a great choice. Depending on people's preference, you could make egg salad and tuna fish, as well as ham and cheese, and turkey sandwiches. You might like to take some fruit, but avoid anything that should be kept chilled.
  3. Pack all your food items into a basket you can add cooling packs to. This will keep the items fresh until you are ready for your picnic. You can use another basket or bag to put snack items in if you don't want to put them in your cooler.
  4. Add your drinks to the cooler so you have plenty to drink, especially if it is a hot day. You can also include coffee and tea if some of the people in your party enjoy these beverages. Be sure to include plates, napkins and cups in the items you bring for your picnic.
  5. Make sure you bring a tablecloth for the picnic table (if the park has them) and a blanket for you to sit on if it doesn't. If you can't find a table then find a shady spot and use the blanket to have your picnic on the ground.
  6. Let your children play in the playground or play ball or Frisbee with them until everyone is ready to eat. Spread out the food and have a great time eating your picnic in the park!

Top tips

  • Bring sun cream.
  • Insect repellent and hay fever tablets may be handy.
  • Alcohol-based sanitiser rub will help keep hands clean.

Picnic food ideas

These website have loads of ideas for picnic snacks and sandwiches. 

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