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Scaffolds/hoardings/fences licence

If you intend to erect scaffolding, hoardings, depositing building materials, placing mobile construction equipment or excavation on of a highway, you will require a licence from the council.


Licence summary

A licence from the local authority is required before a scaffold can be erected on a road, a grass verge or a footway. A licence may set down standards on such matters as lighting or painting the scaffold.


Eligibility criteria

If you would like to erect scaffolding or hoarding/fence on the highway, you should speak to a scaffolding contractor who will apply for a licence on your behalf. A scaffolding contractor, who wishes to erect scaffolding or hoarding/fences on a highway must have a current public liability insurance of at least £5 million.

Licence conditions

Note: If your proposed work will cause the temporary closure of a road, remember to contact the council's Traffic Orders Officer within the Improvements Project Team.

Further information regarding Temporary Traffic Regulations Order »

How to apply

A minimum of 10 working days advance notice must be given, except in cases of emergency.

You may be required to pay a refundable deposit based on the area of footway/highway covered/enclosed by the structure, in square metres. The sum required is per square metre, calculated by multiplying the depth by the width. 

Permission may be granted subject to the conditions of consent. [45kb]  

Note: an administration fee is charged to issue the licence for one month. If the structure is to remain after the initial month, an additional fee will be charged to extend the permit beyond that date and additional hourly charges may be applicable eg for attending site meetings etc.

What happens next

Find out more about the application process [25kb] »

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