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Consulting with your neighbours

Do's and don'ts, letter templates and consent forms.

Now that you are ready to consult your neighbours on the scheme please keep in mind the following guidance.

Code of practice for alley gating schemes

Please do:

  • introduce yourself to your neighbours
  • use the template letters provided, they have been carefully worded to give a concise and accurate explanation of the scheme
  • ensure everyone in the scheme can contact you, when necessary
  • consider the best way to contact residents who are disabled, vulnerable or 'hard to reach' (contact the Community Engagement team for advice)
  • update residents of the scheme's progress on a regular basis
  • be thorough - ensure every household in the scheme is duly consulted
  • remember this is a community scheme, be patient with your neighbours and respect their opinions even if they do not support the scheme
  • respond to all queries about the scheme directly.  Remember to contact the Community Engagement team if you need help.
  • consider all objections (even verbal ones); talk to the Community Engagement team for advice on how you or in some circumstances they can address objectors. If in doubt, pass along the Community Engagement team contact details for the resident to call them directly
  • be respectful in your tone to all your neighbours in both your verbal and written communications. In particular consider the use of language and the negative impact of writing in capitals and using excessive punctuation!!!!!!!
  • remember that any information you gather from residents (including their reasons for objecting) is confidential - please do not discuss with other neighbours
  • provide detail of cost, when you collect residents' contribution for the scheme
  • ensure every household in the scheme has access to a key, if gates are installed

Please don't:

  • resort to intimidation with those who don't approve the scheme
  • put yourself in any situation where you feel unsafe
  • forget to contact the Community Engagement team if you have any questions

Template letters and agreement form

The following are example letters that will help you elicit the support that you need from your fellow residents to get you started. Please feel free to copy, and make minor amendments as appropriate, so that they can be distributed accordingly. These will need to be submitted along with your application form.

1. Introduction letter [22kb] - introduces you to your neighbours and suggests that the scheme might be a good idea in your area.

2. Consent letter [25kb] - this letter can be sent out by the Lead Resident with a reply slip that can be completed by your neighbours and returned to you for inclusion in your application form.

3. Consent form signatures [35kb] - this can be used instead of letter no. 2, if you would prefer to speak with your neighbours directly and get them to sign on one form. Please ensure that a new page is used for every ten signatures in order to demonstrate that the resident has seen the agreement before they sign it. Please also make sure that any signatories who are tenants are given the Landlord's letter so that consent can be obtained from the owner. Please also note any households where there are objectors.

4. Landlord letter [23kb] - leave this version with tenants of rented property to forward to their landlord along with a copy of the Landlord's response letter (letter 5)

5. Landlord response form [26kb]

6. Approval letter [28kb] - once your scheme has been given approval this letter can be used to share the good news with your neighbours and inform them of the costs involved. If you intend to set up a designated bank account as recommended, a paragraph to explain this action has been included. This can be deleted if no bank account is being established.

7. Receipts for residents contribution [24kb] - to issue when you collect the residents' contributions (optional).

Please do not hesitate to contact the Community Engagement team if you have any questions about using any of these templates.

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