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Areas of special local character

Areas of Special Local Character are a local designation, and include areas which contain elements of local character and identity that the council wishes to preserve.

There are 15 designated Areas of Special Local Character (ASLC), some of which were designated as part of the Unitary Development Plan (UDP), and others more recently as areas have been reviewed. These are designated on the basis of their local architectural, townscape or historic merits, as defined in the adopted Criteria for designating Conservation Areas and Areas of Special Local Character [13kb]

The council will consult all residents, stakeholders, local groups and other interested parties prior to designation. The designation would be determined by the council's cabinet based on the outcome of the consultation and officer's recommendations. 

The council has a rolling programme of historic asset designation. The council will continue to review areas of special local character and may from time to time extend existing areas, or designate new ones. 

Relevant policies and guidance

The council's planning policies seek to preserve and enhance the local architectural character and appearance of these areas, and to resist inappropriate development. Whilst usual permitted development rights are not affected, the following policies will apply:

Policy BE5: Within areas of special local character new development should harmonise with the materials, design features, architectural style and building heights predominant in the area. extensions to dwellings should respect the symmetry of the original buildings.

Policy BE6: Within the areas of special local character at Gate Hill Farm and Copsewood Estates, fencing should be unobtrusive and materials should be appropriate to the character and appearance of the estate. New houses should:

  • be constructed on building plots of a similar average width as surrounding residential development
  • be constructed on a similar building line (formed by the front main walls of existing houses) and be of a similar scale, form and proportion as adjacent houses
  • reflect the materials, design features and architectural style predominant in the area and sufficient architectural variety must be achieved within new development in order to retain the areas' characteristics of large individually designed houses

When considering proposals for works within an ASLC the following are important:

  • there would be a presumption in favour of retaining buildings and features that make a positive contribution to the character and appearance of the area
  • extensions, to side or rear or to the roof will only be permitted where they are appropriate to the building and would cause no harm to the street scene and the character of the proposed area
  • porches and front extensions should be subordinate in scale and should not be detrimental to the visual amenity of the street scene
  • the external materials and details of any extension should reflect the materials, design features and architectural style predominant in the area
  • back-land development is unlikely to be acceptable
  • boundary treatment should be in keeping with the street scene

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