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Partnership working and community cohesion

Hillingdon Partners brings together the local public, private, voluntary and community sector organisations. They are committed to equality of opportunity and reflecting the diversity of the residents they serve.

Hillingdon Partners have signed an Equalities Statement to reflect the partnership's commitment to pursuing diversity in employment and service delivery. The signing of the Equalities Statement unites Hillingdon Partners in an equality agenda.

Community cohesion

Achieving community cohesion is dependent upon a complex set of factors, which can affect how individuals and communities interact with one another. These factors include:

  • establishing a sense of belonging and pride of place
  • developing aspiration and sense of ability to achieve
  • promoting a sense of fair treatment and equality of opportunity : in work, in education and quality of life

Addressing the issues therefore relies upon a co-ordinated approach across all aspects of the council's services, as well as with other local partners and local communities.

Hillingdon's approach reflects that complexity and draws together council services, other local statutory partners, voluntary sector and local communities to promote engagement, education, empowerment and active involvement that is based upon shared knowledge of our local communities, shared priorities and shared solutions.

Strong and Active Communities Partnership

In April 2009 the Strong and Active Communities Partnership was established as a theme group of the Local Strategic Partnership responsible for developing and monitoring actions to deliver the key priority within the sustainable community strategy around strong and active communities.

Aims and outcomes [16kb]

Partnership Working - examples [18kb]

Community events and activities

The council supports a wide range of community events and activities. These range from guided healthy walks in our award winning parks to the annual Hayes Carnival.

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