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Councillor M. Lancaster

1999-00 - read about his year.

Councillor M. Lancaster

It was a huge honour to be elected as Mayor of Hillingdon in 1990-2000 particularly as this was the Millennium Year and there seemed to be a great feeling of change and optimism in the air about the coming century.

For me being Mayor meant a number of different things and created many feelings and emotions. Of course, it was a great pleasure to attend London wide occasions representing our borough at great events but even more importantly it allowed me to know and understand the enormous amount of work and dedication that goes on to make things happen locally.

The voluntary organisations, the dedicated teachers and social workers, the thousands of people who all contribute in so many ways to making our borough a better place to live and work were a great source of pride to me.

Being Mayor gave me a great insight to all these activities that helped so much to make things 'tick'.

I was also privileged, via the Mayor's Charity Appeal to help raise money for the various local causes which of course was also a source of great pleasure.

Hillingdon Manor School had recently opened, inspired by Anna Kennedy, and were the main beneficiary of our appeal. We were able to give considerable financial help and provide them with a mini-bus courtesy of a friend of mine.

Money was also raised for Hillingdon Hospital Radio whose volunteers provide such a good service for those confined to hospital beds and for talking books for the blind to enable them to improve the services which they offer in
such a dedicated way.

I would once again, retrospectively like to thank everybody who worded so hard to make my charity appeal such a great success.

Being Mayor of the London Borough of Hillingdon was in so many ways one of the best years of my life.

As I have already said it gave me a great insight into the lives of so many people and organisations and made me realise even more how many dedicated people there truly are in what can sometimes seem an uncaring world.

It was not only a great pleasure, it was a huge privilege.

Maurice Lancaster
April 2012

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